Services for Investors

Investing in businesses can often feel like more of an art than a science - we look to change this.

Opportunity Sourcing

Investor Thesis

The building of your Investor Thesis will help us understand the type of business you want to invest in - from stage of growth to industry and from personality type to risk appetite.

Vetting Opportunities

We will only present you with those opportunities that you are likely to get excited about, disregarding those that don't suit your profile or those that will produce uninteresting returns.

Pitch Presentations

We will sit in the pitch presentations on your side of the table, making sure that we understand the opportunity and that the correct questions are being asked.
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Investment Appraisal

Financial Study

Assess the founder(s) and the company's financial history and health to ensure investment into a financially sound vehicle. This will be carried out by a qualified ACA accountant.

Financial Model

Assess the cashflow projections of the opportunity over the next three to five years, this model will assess company valuation, growth potential and projected investor returns.

Investment Summary

We will detail our findings and outline our recommendations, detailing the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the target company.

Contract Closing

Financial Instruments

We will advise you on the financial instruments available to make your investment, giving you guidance on which is most suitable to your investment style and goals as an investor.

Tax Structuring

We will ensure fair and efficient tax structuring for your investment, making sure that you are left with no surprises. This will be carried out by a qualified ACA accountant.

Favourable Terms

We will help you to negotiate your investment contracts, ensuring that you walk away with the most favourable terms, all while respecting your culture and vision as an investor.
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Portfolio Optimisation

Accounting Services

We are a registered accounting body and can provide your invested companies with a boutique, tailored team, issuing monthly reports to review and project monthly progress.

KPI Tracking

We will work with your portfolio, building targets designed to push their businesses. We will track their progress in real-time, setting actions where necessary to achieve those goals.

Process Automation

We will automate their back-office processes using new tech and deliver a valuable chart of metrics that you can use to keep a pulse on the health of your portfolio of businesses.

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