A team of experts looking to help you plan your cashflow, build your strategy and achieve your fundraising targets.

Connected world

Launch Strategy 🚀

Building a monetisation plan that suits your product and making sure you penetrate the market in the most effective way.

Cashflow Forecast 🤓

Building you rock-solid, sophisticated financial models to understand your cashflow and growth strategy.

Fundraising Round 🤝

Preparing the full suite of fundraising documents and introducing you to the right investors for your business.

Business Optimisation 🙌

Building a plan post-fundraising, helping you stay on track to hit your KPI targets and optimising and automating your business processes.

Business plan

Walk into fundraising meetings in the driver’s seat

With a resilient financial model that analyses and accounts for different risks and strategies, you will be able to dictate your valuation to your investors - not the other way around.

Experts by your side
Concrete assumptions
Secure funding

Understand where your business is going

In an ever-changing world it is difficult to make confident projections on how your business will grow. Our models will allow you to choose a business plan that suits your growth appetite, your risk appetite and your level of resources.

Optimise growth
Enhance profitability
Tackle your market

You're in great company.

See what our clients say about us

It was great to have someone on our side of the table that understands how these investors operate - we would not have achieved our fundraising targets without the assistance of Number Nomads.
Greg Feld - Co-Founder at AW Offices
With the help of Number Nomads, we have managed to completely rebrand and relaunch our business. It is really amazing how far we have come and in such a short amount of time since our first meeting.
Louis Kurlander - Operations Director at Freight Brokers
Number Nomads showed me how to bring my product to market, how to monetise my product in the best way and how to get investors on my side. They really gave me the advice I needed to boost my business to the next level.
James Keisner - Founder at Your Space UK

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